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Your Waste Management

Managing your waste in the most cost effective and professional manner is what we at SWS are all about. From the day to day production of general waste streams through to less frequent arisings and specific waste streams needing specialist attention, SWS will provide a fully managed and consolidated solution. With an established supplier database covering the whole of the UK, an impartial and tailored solution is waiting for you.

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waste management

waste management

Total Recycling

SWS work closely with all our clients to achieve 100% diversion from landfill. Utilising developing technologies and Circular Economy principles. These solutions are tailored having understood our customers business requirements and how we can extract maximise value of recyclable materials.

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The management of waste must be taken seriously. Demanding and changing legislation and regulations govern all aspects of moving waste from A to B.

A Sommers Waste Solutions approach will ensure that your business obligations are met, offering a peace of mind approach to complicated regulations. All obligated organisations have to take responsibility for their impact on the environment and Sommers Waste Solutions will help you navigate your way through these regulations.

We can also offer specialist advice and management of your Packaging Waste Obligations under the Packaging Waste Regulations (Producer Responsibility Obligations)

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waste management

waste management

Embracing the Circular Economy

A Circular Economy moves away from the traditional linear approach of manufacture, use and dispose. By product design, the aim is to retain as much value as possible of materials and products. A Circular Economy creates a system allowing for the long life, optimal reuse, refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling of products and materials in a way that does not cause any environmental damage, when products reach the end of their useful life. The current linear approach seeking short term consumption is unsustainable.

SWS are embracing Circular Economy principles and working with our partners to deliver this future.

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Solutions that grow with you, Providing on-going Analysis and Improvement

Demanding environmental legislation and greater public and employee awareness of environmental issues mean that waste management has to be taken seriously.

All businesses are under a legal obligation to manage the storage, collection and disposal/treatment of their waste properly. The tightening of legislation has greatly increased pressure on companies.